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Released: 7 january 2013
Manual: in .pdf format
Compatibility: Joomla 2.5
Layout: responsive

Gummy Pro responsive is the result of the combination between the Foundation Responsive Framework e Joomla 2.5. This Template is fully responsive and entirely customizable to be viewed on every device: smartphone, tablet, pc desktop. Try it on your smartphone or simply try to resize your browser window to see how it is flexible! It has 8 colors available, a 2 collapsible columns layout and 22 Module positions.Gummy Pro responsive is an all-around template, it is suitable for many kind of website because its structure is simply, modular and it has a light and modern design. This Template includes a complete Quickstart installation, with sample contents to create, in few minutes, a Website identical to our demo online.


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8 default colors

Gummy Pro responsive is available in 8 color shades to be adaptive to your style: azure, red, green, teal, purple, ground, violet and brown

colori template Gummy pro




8 colors Responsive Slideshow

Show your most important articles through the default slideshow, it is customizable with 8 available colors.



6 types of modules

Gummy Pro has 6 types of different modules through which improve graphically your pages.






Gummy Pro is fully responsive and adaptable to all devices: pc desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It is not simply responsive, you can also choose which module positions make visible on different devices and show, in this way, different contents on different devices. A user in mobility with its tablet or smartphone could have different needs to a user with a desktop pc!



logo gummy pro

And more...

2 collapsible columns layout

bonus page: 404, login, offline, search

6 types of modules

Drop down menu

Typography and pre-set styles

22 positions for modules



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