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Released: 27 april 2015
Manual: in .pdf format
Compatibility: Joomla 3.x
Layout: responsive

Landing Page Pro is the perfect template to realize a landing page. A single page, an integrated Scroll Menu, many sections entirely customizable with Theme Magic. A fully responsive Template with the advantage of T3 framework. Besides the single page, it supports also the standard Joomla styles thus, it could be used as a classic Template. Simplicity, lightness and functionalities joined to a fluid and modern design. This Template includes a complete Quickstart installation, with sample contents to create, in few minutes, a Website identical to our demo online. 87 pages of documentation are also included (pdf file).


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Landing page template

Do you want sell a product? Do you want offer a service using a clear, easy and direct system? Landing Page Pro responsive is the suitable Template to create your perfect landing page.



Fully Responsive

Landing page Pro pro is fully responsive and adaptable to all devices: pc desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It is not simply responsive, you can also choose which module positions make visible on different devices and show, in this way, different contents on different devices.



Scroll menu

Landing page pro supports a Scroll Menu, this kind of menu allows to link a menu item to a specific section of the landing page, showing a pleasant effect to view.

The Main menu is always fixed and visible on the top of the page (sticky), in this way, it is not necessary to scroll the page to see the menu.



off canvas navigation

Off-canvas navigation

Landing page Pro supports the off-canvas navigation on mobile devices, smartphone and tablet. The menu can be personalised to be shown by a side of the screen, this is a way to optimised the available screen space. Besides, you can choose between many others effects and a dropdown menu is always available.



Classic layout

Landing page pro supports also a classic layout with 3 columns. If you don’t want to use it as a landing page with a single page, you can change the layout and use it as a classic Template.






Quick contact module