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Released: 15 january 2012
Manual: in .pdf format
Compatibility: Joomla 1.5-2.5
Layout: not responsive

Magazine Pro is a Template suitable for newspaper online, blogs and news portal. After the huge success of the free version (Magazine X Free), here we have the development of this Professional Template. It has 6 colours available, a 3 collapsible columns layout, default positions for banners, adding positions to insert your news wherever you prefer. Simplicity, lightness and functionalities joined to a fluid and modern design. This Template includes a complete Quickstart installation, with sample contents to create, in few minutes, a Website identical to our demo online. 


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6 default colors

Magazine Pro is available in 6 color shades to be adaptive to different styles of website: blue, red, gray, olive, purple and pink.

colori template Magazine pro




6 colors slideshow

Show your most important articles through the default slideshow, it is customizable with 6 available colors.



"Newspaper online" Module

Magazine Pro has a "Newspaper online" Module, it allows, like you can see in the major newspapers, to have a browsable newspaper online through the www.issuu.com system.

giornale online



breaking news

Breaking news

Magazine Pro supports many contents in many Template positions. The "Breaking news" mode uses the "accordion" effect to show contents of one or more categories.



Gallery news

The "Gallery news" mode shows articles and titles on mouseover and the complete article only on mouse click.





logo magazine pro

And more...

3 collapsible columns layout

3 default banner position for the header

10 types of modules

Drop down menu with choosing of colors

Many positions for news

typography and pre-set styles

CSS3 Validation



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lof article slideshow