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Released: 23 december 2015
Manual: in .pdf format
Compatibility: Joomla 3.x
Layout: responsive

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Magazine X Free is the best free & responsive template for magazine and online newspaper. Magazine X Free include new important features requested by users and specially made for newspapers: insert articles in every module position, not only in [component], pre-defined magazine tiphography style already embedded in the editor,  dozen of shortcode ready to use without writw a single line of code.  Choose your perfect color for your magazine from Thememagic. Last but not least, magazine X is fully responsive and configurable on every device.

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Custom articles style

Magazine X free template embeds pre-defined typography style specially made for articles layout.
Unfortunately this is neglected aspect in templates for online newspapers, which become all the same, ugly to see and read.
  Instead magazine X is provided with typography style already embedded in the editor, ready to use to give a professional look to the articles.
You can see an example in the image: not bad, uh?

stile articolo magazine-x    




Articles in each position

Joomla is a fantastic CMS but has a limit in articles position: they can be showed by default only in the classic position component, not in the other module positions stored in the template. Magazine X Free exceeds this limit using two modules that allow the insertion of articles, single or in groups, in each module position in the template.This important feature gives you the ability to configure your pages in complete freedom, distributing content across multiple areas of your site.



Another important feature of the Magazine X template Free is Shortcodes. What are Shortcodes? They are small code snippets that allows to add functionality or nice styles in the website pages without knowing the full code.  You can add Tabs, like in this example image, or a gallery, a slideshow, an accordion effect or a button and more. They are nice and simply to use and you don't need to know the code, which has made it so successful. 

modulo tab magazine-x



sfondo cliccabile magazine-x

Takeover background

Great online magazine has takeover background.  The most famous online newspapers in the world have this feature: a clickable ADV image on the website background. Is the advertising location most in demand by advertisers because is very visible and big, it can't be closed, users will see it. It disappears automatically when the device width decreases.



All the colors you want

Magazine X template Free è is fully customizable, you can choose the color you want. From the thememagic panel you can select the main template color and change it anytime you want: Theme magic shows you the theme color preview and if you like it you can set it with a single click. Furthermore you can choose from a lot of custom options to customize the template, all without write a single line of code!





sfondo cliccabile magazine-x


Magazine X template Free is fully responsive and works well on every device: desktop pc, laptop, tablet and smartphone.You can configure which module positions will be visible on each device, showing different content on different device, 






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