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Released: 15 november 2016
Compatibility: Joomla 3.x
Layout: responsive
Version: 1.0
Manual: in .pdf format

Newspaper Pro is a fully-featured template for your online magazine. Newspaper comes with 3 different home page, takeover background included, preset tipography styles, articles in every module positions and more. Fully responsive, 8 colors, customizable from ThemeMagic panel. Quickstart package and full documentation included.


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3 different home page

Newspaper Pro template comes with 3 different home page layout:

  1. half page slide  
  2. full page slide  
  3. Classic home page without slide.

You can choose your preferred layout in the whole website or assign a different layout to every pages. Newspaper Pro template allows endless customizations. You can also assign takeover background and various colours to the pages.   

Newspaper template joomla



newspaper template

Takeover background module

Newspaper Pro include the Takeover background module, which allows to set a linked background image in your website and sell ADV like the most famous online magazine. WithTakeover background module you can set different linked background image to different pages. The module allows also to set a background color, if you don't need a background image.



Articles in every position

One of the Joomla limit is tha ability to place articles only in the "component" position. Newspaper pro solves this problem with two modules that allows to place articles in every positions. Articles can be ordered by categories, filtered by author or by date, showed in static or scrolling layout and much more.

Newspaper template



newspaper template responsive

Colours and [shortcodes]

Newspaper Pro template comes with 8 preset colours: black, dark, gray, pink, purple, red, teal, turquoise. You can also customize and set your preferred colour from thememagic panel. Newspaper template has also shortcodes feature, small code snippets that allows you to add functionality or nice styles in the website pages without knowing the code. You can add Tabs or a gallery, a slideshow, an accordion effect or a button and more. They are nice and simply to use.



Fully responsive

Newspaper Pro template is fully responsive and fits well on every device. It supports the Off-canvas navigation on mobile devices and the Mega Menu feature, not available in Joomla core but very useful and appreciated from users . The off-canvas menu can be configured to appear at any side of the screen, optimizing the available space especially on small devices. It's always available the Bootstrap "Hamburger" dropdown menu, choose the best for your website.




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Shortcode module
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