Template Studio Pro


Portfolio, Showcase, Start up, Personal story



Released: 24 april 2014
Manual: in .pdf format
Compatibility: Joomla 2.5-3.x
Layout: responsive

Studio pro is a clean and responsive Template, its simplicity and its modern design is suitable for many uses: a portfolio, a small business, a start-up but also for a blog or a story teller.
This Template is based on the T3 Framework, it is fully responsive and entirely customizable to be viewed on every device.
Studio Pro includes many features: 8 different theme colours, a fixed menu always in the foreground, a MegaMenu, an Off-canvas navigation, a responsive slideshow, special CSS3 effects and it allows loading of the images on the mouse scroll. Besides, this Template supports K2, has 7 different layouts and 5 graphic types for Modules.
Finally, use ThemeMagic to modify every graphic aspect of your website, in real time and without knowing the code!


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8 default colours

Studio Pro is available in 8 colour shades to be adaptive to your style: turquoise, light blue, green, violet, purple, iron, ground and pink.




Studio pro is fully responsive and adaptable to all devices: pc desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It is not simply responsive, you can also choose which module positions make visible on different devices and show, in this way, different contents on different devices. A user in mobility with its tablet or smartphone could have different needs to a user with a desktop pc!



Megamenu and Sticky menu

Studio Pro supports a MegaMenu, it allows to realise interesting and sophisticated menus using also the Modules inside the menu itself.

The Main menu is always fixed and visible on the top of the page (sticky), in this way, it is not necessary to scroll the page to see the menu.




off canvas navigation

Off-canvas navigation

Studio Pro supports the off-canvas navigation on mobile devices, smartphone and tablet. The menu can be personalised to be shown by a side of the screen, this is a way to optimised the available screen space. A dropdown menu is always available.



K2 support

Studio Pro supports K2, it is one of the best components that allows the advanced placement of Joomla contents.




And more...

7 types of layouts

2 styles for Home Page

5 types of modules

special CSS3 effects

loading of the images on the mouse scroll

Typography and pre-set styles (copy and paste)

Bonus page: 404, offline



slideshow responsive
latest tweet display
advanced Video display
content slideshow
lazy load image
K2 Studio Pro Style