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Template for donation, fund raising, NGO



Released: 01 september 2016
Manual: in .pdf format
Compatibility: Joomla 3.x
Layout: responsive

N.B. - Welfare template require JUX Charity Hub component to activate the donation feature. It must be purchased separately at this link.

Welfare is the ideal template for raising funds and donations, charity and no profit companies. It support charity component that allow you to collect donations, raise funds from companies and indivuduals. Fully responsive and powered by T3 framework, it's easy to use and simple to configure. Welfare comes in 6 colors, but you can choose your favourite from theme magic panel.


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Fully responsive

Welfare Pro template is fully responsive and ishows perfectly on every device: smartphone, tablet and pc desktop. furthermore, you can choose  which template positions will be visible depending on the device, showing different content on different user's device. All without writing a single line of code!

Welfare template joomla



welfare template

Donations support

Welfare Template Pro fully supports the JUX Charity Hub, one of the best donations component. This extension must be separately purchased  from this page. Once installed it works perfectly on the welfare template inheriting gfraphics and customized styles. It supports causes and events creations, donation requests, credit card payment. The backend also store every donors and the associated amount.



6 colors

Welfare Pro template comes in 6 colors: Yellow, Green, Azure, light-green, light-purple, light-red, to fit your needs. Anyhow, you can change the template color from the Thememagic panel, creating your customized palette.

Welfare donation



off canvas navigation

Mega menu & Off-canvas navigation

Welfare Pro template supports the Off-canvas navigation on mobile devices and the Mega Menu feature, not available in Joomla core but very useful and appreciated from users . The off-canvas menu can be configured to appear at any side of the screen, optimizing the available space especially on small devices. It's always available the Bootstrap "Hamburger" dropdown menu, choose the best for your website.



Theme Magic

Welfare Pro template supports the Theme magic panel, a very useful feature to edit the template. you can customize template color, text and link, body and modules background, footer style and grid layout. Your changes are showed in the template preview and you can choose if set them permanently in the front-end or not. All without writing a single line of code!






Complimentary extensions

slideshow component
Portfolio gallery component
Jquery skillset module